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Condoit App

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16 May 2023

Condoit App

Digitising electrical audits in the US.

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UX Designer


Condoit was one of the most impactful projects I have worked on as a product designer. It aimed to digitize processes for electricians, providing them with a modern solution to replace the outdated, time-consuming, and error-prone methods they were using. Our goal was to streamline their workflows and improve efficiency.

Problem Statement

The existing solutions for electricians were outdated, tedious, and prone to errors. We aimed to address these challenges by creating a digital platform that would revolutionize their work processes and enable them to document and analyze complex electrical systems accurately.

Users & Audience

The target audience for Condoit was electricians who needed to perform various tasks related to electrical systems. Our focus was primarily on experienced electricians who were accustomed to manual, paper-based methods. These professionals were responsible for conducting regular electrical audits and needed an efficient way to document their findings for compliance purposes.

Roles & Responsibilities

In the Condoit project, I served as a product designer, working closely with another intern who joined our team. We formed a dynamic team of two, collaborating closely to drive the design process and find the best solutions for our users. Our partnership was instrumental in brainstorming ideas, conducting research, and creating innovative designs to address the needs of electricians. Throughout the project, we had the privilege of working with our amazing founders, who provided guidance and support, fostering an environment that encouraged creativity and pushed us to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Scope & Constraints