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About ✨me✨

I am a data-and-meme-driven Product Designer and researcher with over 3 years of experience.

Before getting into UX Design, I experimented with many career options. Coding, Fashion Design, Content Writing, Theatre, and what-not. But ultimately, I found purpose in user-experience design. The ultimate merger of all the things I love.

Being in a service-based industry, I have worked on each stage of the design process; from researching and understanding the problem, to building end-to-end user experiences and testing them using suitable KPIs.

So far I've worked on

- B2B and B2C projects,

- with agile and cross-functional teams,

- and solo and with design teams


For four years, I was involved in collegiate and professional theatre, which gave me a better grasp of storytelling and sociological research. At the time, I was also experimenting with coding, content writing, and tutoring, which honed my soft skills in communication, leadership, and empathy, which have genuinely came in handy in life.


I am very interested in inclusive design, which is at the core of everything I do. I enjoy sharing whatever knowledge I gain, and so I have taken multiple initiatives at work to run workshops or give presentations to my team too. A team that learns together, thrives together! ╰(*°▽°*)╯

Digital paintings
SHINee portraits
Alien Kotatsu
Untangle-able earphone case
Isaiko Mixtape
Light and set design
Shinee - Don’t Call Me
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